Essay on Environmental Stewardship Program Is The Law

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Environmental stewardship refers to use of administrative, legal, economic, educational and scientific and technological means, coordinated socio-economic development with environmental protection relations between the various sectors of the national economy treatment, the relationship between the various groups and individuals on environmental issues of social, socio-economic development to meet the people At the same time the material and cultural needs, to prevent environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance. In order to make sure that environmental stewardship program goes well, that the following means should be taken, which includes legal means, technologic means, administrative means, economical means and educational means.

First of all, the most important means of the environmental stewardship program is the law. Means a mandatory legal means of environmental management, environmental management according to law is to control and eliminate pollution, protect the rational utilization of natural resources, and an important measure to maintain the ecological balance. The environmental stewardship program, on the one hand, to rely on legislation, the state environmental protection requirements, practices, all fixed in legal form, enforce; on the other hand also on law enforcement. Environmental management departments to assist and cooperate with the judiciary in violation of environmental laws to fight crime, to assist the arbitration; in accordance with…

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