Environmental Science : Toward A Sustainable Future Essay

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According to Environmental science: Toward a sustainable future, a textbook written by R. Wright and D. Boorse (2005/2011), the Greenhouse Effect is best defined as “an increase in the atmospheric temperature caused by increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and certain other gases that absorb and trap heat, which normally radiates away from Earth” (G-10). This effect has been dubbed as such because of its similarity to the way greenhouses work. Ultraviolet radiation travels through the Earth’s atmosphere and is absorbed by the Earth’s surface in the same way that radiation penetrates the glass walls of a greenhouse to be absorbed by the plants inside. Some radiation fails to escape the glass walls of the greenhouse or the Earth’s atmosphere and this leads the inside of the walls/atmosphere being slightly warmed. Interestingly enough, this same phenomena is what leads to cars becoming unbearably hot when parked out in the sun with the windows rolled up. The energy becomes trapped within the car and heats it to sometimes exceedingly hot temperatures. (Lallanila) This dynamic effect has various impacts on the Earth’s environment, but this essay will most specifically focus on the changes it causes in regard to the Earth’s climate.
Compared to other planets in our solar system, Earth has a mild, stable climate and temperature. It is known that the characteristic that enables Earth to maintain these temperatures is the atmosphere that surrounds the planet. The Greenhouse Effect…

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