Essay On Changing Environment

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Are Canada’s efforts towards changing our overall environment and being informed on our climate change issues effective?

Canada is failing in the efforts towards improving their environmental impact. The earth’s climate is changing and developing rapidly. There are many reasons as to why our environment is the way it is to this day. This discussion topic has been going on for many years now and will continue to do so for the next hundreds of years as it changes and develops drastically, positive or negative, even more. What the positive affects humans are as well as the fact that the developing climate change is getting worse and not better, what the negative human and general impacts and their outcomes are on our environment and their outcome
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Canada was the first country to pass a clean water act in the year of 1970. The country has been trying to be actively promoting anti-pollution surveys, controls and warnings for countless years. Just because they were doing so, it doesn’t mean people were using them, following them or even obeying them. Canada itself has been balanced on thin ice when weighing in between climatic hazards, especially in the eastern heartland f the Lower Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands, have been squeezed in the past between the Canadian Shield and the Appalachians. The countries population has been known to crowd into the areas comparative advantage and leaves the rest unsettled for others. Canada has mainly a man-made environment and this is something that hasn’t changed for many years. Around the largest cities in Canada there has always been a large place for technological change to occur. Canada was once known as the “Green Lands.” Clearly, the country not only has green lands, but large bodies of water, escarpments, mountains, hills, cliffs, parklands, forests, ponds, and rivers. After looking at our lands to this day, clearly we are not known for only having green lands. Our climate changing issues have not only effected the people living in it but also the animals, plants, trees, flowers, vegetable and fruit trees, and natural

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