Environmental Pollution Is An Incurable Disease Essay

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“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease, it can only be prevented” once said by Barry Commoner, a former biologist and a founder of the modern environmental movement stated this quote back in the day 1900’s yet environmental problems still continues to be a huge problem, not only individually but it’s a social condition today. As humans we should see that we breath and survive because of the clean environment that we once had, but the question is that are we really living in a clean environment or is it full of substances that are harming not only us but the trees and the animals around us.
One of the main problems seen when it comes environmental problems is global warming, which by definition is an increase in the earth’s surface temperature which can cause climate change. While many people think it is a minor problem the overheating of the surface could lead from melting of the glaciers to the diminishment of the survival of humans. If we are reaching death anyways, why not everyone work together and come up with a solution to the problem that is harming everyone around the world. Al gore explains that from melting of polar caps to destroying the ecosystem could happen only because of human action. As Dolgon & Baker mentions, “the primary human-made cause of global warming is CO2 in the atmosphere leading to acidic rain” (Dolgon & Baker 205), the reader could agree that acidic rain does happen and humans are the reason for it. In today’s society almost everyone…

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