Environmental Impact Assessment Of Project Environmental Assessments

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Several countries and international organizations use procedures for environmental impact assessment of projects to understand the effects of those projects on the environment and to judge whether or not to give approval for the same (Colley, 1989). These procedures are a prerequisite in the EIA process where a significant part is to produce an environmental impact statement. There are several factors that contribute to the overall performance of the EIA process. Of particular importance is the quality of the EIS, but many studies have shown that the EIS’s produced in the early days were not up to the mark (Colley, 1989). A review package developed by Colley for use in assessment for the quality of EIS’s was submitted in response to UK planning regulations. The review package was in accordance with the EC directives.
The theme chosen for this paper is “For project environmental assessments, do you think the current scope and factors considered are adequate?”

The objective of this paper is to explore and discuss the various practices used in EIA (Screening, scoping, prediction of environmental impacts etc) and will also discuss whether they are adequate and if any new practice can be added.

Literature Review
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a decision making tool employed to identify and evaluate the environmental consequences of certain proposed development actions (Cashmore, 2004). The US National Environmental Policy Act of 1970 was the first…

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