Essay about Environmental Assessment Of The Healthcare Industry

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Environmental Assessment in Healthcare The healthcare industry over the past few decades has experienced numerous amounts of change. One consistent variable in this industry is, healthcare is always changing due to environmental or external factors. Environmental market scans is a valuable tool utilized by marketing departments in an organization. The five environmental forces that the assessment focuses on includes: economic, technological, social, competitive, and regulatory factors. Each one of the environmental forces must be assessed and views as one systemic machine, where all parts work in unison to achieve high performance. One organization that conducted a thorough assessment to develop a strategic marketing plan was the Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) in Chicago, Illinois. RUMC was developed in 1837, as a medical school, and currently includes three hospital campuses with “891-member medical staff, 620 residents and fellows, 8,536 employees, and 855 operating beds” (Long, n.d.). RUMC was considered the area’s number one health center in the early 1980’s. When competitors began launching a marketing campaign, RUMC decided to pass on marketing for the organization. There was some program advertising, but RUMC did not have a formal strategic marketing plan, and leadership believed the organization’s reputation would withstand the competitors’ marking campaign (Long, n.d.). With dropping revenue, lack of profitability, loss of patients visiting, and moving…

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