Environmental And Individual Factors That Have Affected Carlos

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Case Study: Carlos
1.) Considering both environmental and individual factors, which of these appear to be associated with Carlos’ reading problems?
Carlos’ reading problems most likely stem from a combination of both environmental and individual factors. The environmental factors that have affected Carlos include that fact that he is an ELL student whose family immigrated to the United States when he was ten years old. According to his parents during an interview at the school, Carlos only speaks English when he is at school. The rest of the time he speaks Spanish to his family and friends, which limits his exposure and practice with the English language. This is unfortunate because according to parallel distributed processing (PDP) “the brain is a social brain. Learning is influenced by the levels of social interactions of others” (Ariza, 2010). The family unit is very important in traditional Spanish cultures and most likely this is the case in Carlos’ house as well, which would explain why he spends a great deal of time with them and other Spanish speakers. Carlos’ parents have very little formal educational background themselves and are unable to help him in his school work as a result and because he is shy towards his teachers, he most likely is not asking for the help he needs to understand the content being taught. However, I believe that individual factors may have the greatest effect on his reading problems. Prior to moving to the United Stated at ten years old he…

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