Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… On the other hand psychological factors like security, conformity and compliance, need for affiliation etc restrict promotion of entrepreneurship.
POLITICAL FACTORS: The political and also the political stability of country influence the growth of entrepreneurship. The political system, which promotes free market, individual freedom and private enterprise, will promote entrepreneurship.
ECONOMIC POLICIES: The economic policies of the government and other financial institutions and the opportunities available in a society as a result of such policies play a crucial role in exerting direct influence on entrepreneurship.
In view of the haphazard development of economic zones, Government is encouraging the entrepreneurs to establish their business in backward and tribal areas. This is primarily to arrest the migration of people from the villages to cities and to create employment opportunities locally.
Government is promoting such development by giving incentives like tax holidays (both sales and income), subsidized power tariff, raw materials, transportation cost etc
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Our religious literature and epics told us to have patience and to keep on working without expecting the fruits of labor. This also killed the drive and desire to get into entrepreneurial activities.
9. Recognition by the society: - In earlier days, the heroes India were the social reformers and the politicians. Now it is the era of sportsmen, models and film stars. It is sad that successful or the struggling entrepreneurs have never been recognized as heroes. Entrepreneurial activity did not get due importance in the India society.
10. Family Background: - Empirical studies have shown that a good number of entrepreneurs come from families with industrial backgrounds. Unfortunately, only a few entrepreneurial communities in India made entrepreneurial contribution. These communities could also not make headway in the entrepreneurial field on account of the colonial rule, lack of infrastructure and other facilities. Entrepreneurship development could only take place after independence in

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