Entrapment Is A Hot Topic For Hard Essay

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Entrapment is a hot topic for hard to decide cases, dealing with opinion can be a difficult idea when law is involved as well. Entrapment is a process whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. In simpler words it’s putting a person in a situation that makes it easy to break the law, and then going about coaxing them into it. The most common examples are selling or buying drugs, and prostitution. Many undercover cops are put in a position to buy or sell drugs to or from people who are most likely criminals already. The main two arguments are people who are against it or those who are for it. Those for it believe that people caught doing stuff such as that should be put in jail because it is illegal either way. Those against it think that people shouldn’t be put in situations where it is so easy to break the law. In many situations it’s hard to choose one side or the other. It wouldn’t be right to say that i’m for entrapment because it is an illegal practice, I am definitely for the undercover stings. Next, of course, is the difference between entrapment and an undercover sting operation. An undercover sting is a deceptive operation designed or set up to catch a criminal in an act, the keyword here is deceptive. The National Association of Attorneys General states that deception is a legal practice stating: “The right of law enforcement officials to practice deception in…

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