Enter The Vocation Of Midwifery Essay

700 Words Oct 16th, 2014 3 Pages
This application to enter the vocation of midwifery has grown from my passion to become involved within medicine. I 'm applying to study this vocation because I always wanted ti bring some difference of great experience in pregnancy and child birth.
For last 9 years I developed my English language to effectively manage my studies due to my native language being Russian. Achieving a Diploma in holistic health and beauty has furnished me with a firm foundation to progress onto Access to HE - Healthcare Professions Pathway. I 'm thoroughly enjoying human biology in relation to anatomy and physiology of which I find fascinating. The human body is like complex machine.
At the moment I work part time at spa and one of the treatment I perform is pre and post natal massage. Over the years I have met many pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy, or who already given birth. I treat all clients the equality of opportunity, regardless of their race, age and ethnicity. It 's providing me with a transparent understanding of a diverse multicultural society. Sharing their experiences has ignited my interest to further my studies and to apply to university to accomplish my career aspiration of a midwife. To progress to the higher education not only will give the opportunity to develop myself in my chosen vocation also will help me to take on the consultant role in a future. To work with pregnant ladies gave me great chance to know about different complications, how the medical staff…

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