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“The Misinformation of our Education System”

The education system in America lacks the communicational connection. In the essay “The Banking Concept of Education,” Paulo Freire relates his personal experiences of oppression in his native country. The Brazilian educator devoted his life of adult literacy. Loewen essay “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” argues the American history textbooks have the wrong facts. The sociologist feels the American students are lied to and misled in their history classes. Freire and Loewen essays both are informative account of a failed education system. Although scholars capitalized education, they failed to apply the importance in one education system.

Freire argues there are two types of conceptual
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The more demand for my algebra teacher support, she help me in order for me to be aware, of the lesson. I begin to feel a sense of accomplishment at this point. I was no longer in the dark which my teacher informed me of a job well done. Education becomes a “communion” between participants in a dialogue; the teacher and student. The oppressed must test their own internalization or the oppressed will not think for them.

Loewen argues the American history textbooks have the wrong facts. Loewen feels there is a gap in the American history textbooks. He stated how history teachers can feel distaste for the subject, so they give up and only teach what is on the test. I felt in my history class the textbook was not used. As a matter, of fact; we only learn from print papers passed out in class. This was a difficult task for me because of little research on the subject. I know Ms. Jones had an overwhelmed response from her class because of her teaching method. I agree with some of the Robinson 3 argument that Loewen brings across in his essay, he sets the tone, from the beginning to end of his essay. Mrs. Jones only want her students to learn her way or else. I have learned mere little in my history class. Loewen has shaken the world with his facts on how American students are

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