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Chapter One An Introduction to Academic Writing
This chapter will explain • the importance of supporting a point in writing • the structure of the traditional essay • the benefits of writing the traditional essay
The Structure of a Traditional Essay
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Title of the Essay
I. Introduction • Opening remarks to catch reader’s interest • Thesis statement • Plan of development (optional)
II. Body • Topic sentence 1(supporting point 1) specific evidence • Topic sentence 2(supporting point 2) specific evidence • Topic sentence 3(supporting point 3) specific evidence III. Conclusion • Summary (optional) • General closing remarks
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General subject: Sports Limited subject: Sports Fans Thesis: Football fans are insane. Thesis statement: Football fans behave insanely, they are insane about the past, and they are insanely loyal.
Common Errors in Writing a Thesis 1. Announcements Rather Than Statements • The subject of this paper will be my parents. • I want to talk about the crime wave in our country • The “baby boom” generation is the concern of this essay
2. Statements That Are Too Broad • My parents have been the most influential people in my life. • Crime is a major concern of everyone in our country • The “baby boom” generation has changed history
3. Statements That Are Too Narrow • My parents had only one child. • In the last year there have been over twenty robberies in our neighborhood. • The members of the post-World War II “baby boom” make up the largest single age group in the United States.
4. Statements That Contain More Than One Idea • My parents helped me grow in important ways, although in other respects I was limited. • The problem of overcrowded American prison must be solved, and judges must start handing out tougher sentences. • The “baby boom”generation has had many advantages, but it also faces many problems.

Step 2: Support the Thesis with Specific

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