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Devin Murray
English 101
Professor Molitoris
March 18, 2014
A Breakdown of Two Small
But Powerful Poems Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” poem and Gwendolyn Brooks’ “We Real Cool” are ten lines or less but are poems that are extremely powerful and influential. Robert Frost talks about death but if the world ended, how would an individual want to die. Would an individual rather die by burning to death or being frozen to death? Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem is about a group of young black men who have no potential or future. All in all these poems have a vivid sense of imagery, an inspirational theme, and an odd rhyme scheme and meter. Although these two poems have two completely different subjects, they make you think and actually begin to
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These poems are extremely similar in talking about how an individual approaches death with the choices that they make. Yes these poems may be similar in length but in rhythm and meter, they are the complete opposites. While Frost’s Fire and Ice has a rhyme scheme of abaabcbcb, Brooks’ has a different style with couples and internal rhyme. Most couplets have ending rhyme, but the way Brooks wrote this, with the lines ending with we, makes you pause and think about the previous and next line. Frost’s poem is first person, where he is speaking from his past experiences and past encounters with individuals (lines 3-4). Brooks’ is in the pool hall with these teenagers during the middle of day, just being an observer and she’s assuming that the kids dropped out of school (line 2) and that they commit crimes (line 3). Although both of these poems are in first person, one is speaking as a group while the other is speaking as an individual. If Brooks’ spoke as herself instead of the group, this poem wouldn’t have been as powerful and effective like it is. If one was to read these two small poems, a great amount of knowledge would be taken away and a different outlook on life may be perceived. If these poems weren’t wrote in the format which they were written, the meaning would’ve been different. Also if either of these two amazing authors changed just one word in theirs poems, the theme(s) would not be as easy to understand or easy to grasp.

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