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Andrew Quarless

ENGL 202-D

Leslie Robertson Mateer

Spring 2009

Business Communication Essentials

Practice Your Knowledge

(pgs. 94-95, nos.1-47)

The “You” Attitude:

1. We request that you have the order form supplied in the back of our catalog.

So that your order is processed properly, please complete the order form located in the back of our catalog.

2. We insist that you always bring your credit card to the store.

Having a credit card will most definitely provide a fast and enjoyable experience in the store.

3. We want to get rid of all our 15-inch monitors to make room in our warehouse for the 19-inch screens. Thus we are offering a 25 percent discount on all sales this week.
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10. You should have realized that waterbeds will freeze in unheated houses during the winter. Therefore, our guarantee does not cover the valve damage and you must pay the $9.50 valve-replacement fee (plus postage).

Paying the valve-replacement and postage fee of only $9.50 is all that is needed to ship you a new valve covered with our guarantee.

Emphasizing the Positive:

11. The new boss is inflexible when it comes to doing things by the book.

12. When you say we’ve doubled our profit level, you are mistaken.

13. Just be careful not to make any unwise choices this week.

14. Jim Riley is unskilled for that kind of promotion.

15. Glen monopolizes every meeting by being forceful.

Courteous Communication:

16. You claim that you mailed your check last Thursday, but we have not received it.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but it appears that we have not received the check that was mailed out Thursday.

17. It is not our policy to exchange sale items, especially after they have been worn.

I understand you would like an exchange unfortunately; all sale item purchases are final.

18. You neglected to sign the enclosed contract.

It appears the enclosed contract has not been sign.

19. I received your letter, in which you assert that our shipment was three days late.

We apologize for the inconvenience; It appears our shipment was three days late.

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