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28 Days Later
We didn’t even notice the time. It was that time. THE PURGE! Everything in Brixton went off. The entire electricity shut down. Only the TV was working to show the countdown of how many hours, minutes and seconds were left.
The streets started to get full of human waste. The trickling blood on the floor. People running wild as if they was animals. I was confused. In the middle of the scene of people killing each other I just wanted to run. But I couldn’t move. My legs felt numb. It was cold as fear.
Strange, Odd, and Curious. Going down the narrow steep road. I notice flashes and fireworks were sparkling from each direction. I knew the purge wasn’t just going to be a normal day. I don’t think this is right. Should everyone
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It then passed out and I decided to take it to the location which was my house to find out what is was. As I dragged it along the rocky floor to take it to my house there is a glow of green on my Nike jacket. I couldn’t get to my house because my mother set up the security door already. The slimy liquid green was spreading across the floor. As I look around it seemed like the people who died suddenly disappeared. It was almost as if the creatures were eating the humans after killing them to get vitamins and become stronger.
The grey cloud was so apparent I could almost taste it on my tongue. It tasted like so many chemicals mixed in together with the soft bouncy texture of candyfloss.
The brown rotting bridge, lifeless in the distance. The morning sun start to beginning. A thunder rang in my ears and daunted closer. Then suddenly, from over the bridge all different types of animals came charging towards me. Getting closer and closer.
It was just me. I just started to run with the creature I had in my hand. They was all chanting after me. I stopped and hesitated what to do. As all the creature are coming. I had to think fast. Big estates surround me as I’m in the middle I realise I had the female creature and they was all after her. I was just trying to capture all of them and kill them so when the purge was done much people wasn’t killed by them. The green liquid

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