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Mock IEP
Final Project
Lakayla Ware
May 17, 2015

IEP known as Individualized Educational Program is for a meeting that is concerning the exceptionality fo a student (Stanberry, 2014). In the IEP today, the student Tameria Ellis, is a female student with behavior problems. Her behavior in the classroom and at home will be discussed. The mock IEP will forcast the strength’s and weaknesses that Tameria posses. I will highlight the areas that Tameria will need improvement in. Also any special needs will be forecasted. Our team will try their best to discuss the best educational practices that are available to the student in question. We will also discuss the ways to accommodate the student, inorder to better manage her behavior.
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Her mother’s name is Treneice Ellis. Tameria’s mother lives in West Point, Mississippi. Her phone number is 662-494-5555. The mother does not have any type of exceptionalities. Tameria’s profile was referred to our team on July 29, 2015. The initial meeting will take place on August 29, 2015. Tameria’s IEP will be reviewed in four months on December 29, 2015. Attending the initial meeting for Tameria’s IEP will be:
Thomas Buchannen (Fifth Grade School Principal)
Grace Tristen (Fifth Grade Teacher)
Audrian Hayes (School Psychologist)
Wardella Flems (Assistant Fifth Grade Teacher)
Michael Steens (Special Needs Teacher)
Treneice Ellis (Parent) Tameria has certain strengths and weaknesses. She has a very high level of activity in Math. She is a great student when it comes to knowledge. She is very active in classroom discussions, and she loves to draw. She is very easy to get along with. Tameria does very well when it comes to authority figures. She has very positive responses to positive reinforcement programs. Tameria’s mother is concerned about her low grades in reading. Tameria’s weakenesses is her ability to work at a fast pace. Her attention span is very low. She cannot focus on material for long period’s of time. When it is reading time, Tameria takes most of her time looking around the classroom, other than reading the material. She takes a long time to complete her homework every night. Tameria shows a lot of weaknesses when it comes to spelling and

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