English Language As A Language Essay

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The English language is spoken roughly by 1 to 1.5 billion people. English has managed to occupy powerful domains such as global education, technology, communication, etc … The English language is considered to be the international language due to the growth of global society. English plays an important role of our lives since it is widely spoken by many of the population in the world. Furthermore, it is also comes in different varieties as it is considered to be a native language in some parts of the world, a second language in others and a foreign language in many places of the world.

Five hundred years old ago only 5 to 8 million people spoke English, whereas now the language is spoken by 1 to 1.5 billion people. English has managed to grow in many different parts of the globe, by sailors, soldiers, traders of the British Empire. Even though, Britain has been occupied by different countries or invaders such as the French, Germanic and Rome, the English language has still been able to dominate the globe. However, to many people, it is still discussed why the English language is very important and how it reached this point. There are many reasons why English is important and why it plays an important role in our life. Firstly, English is a national language in many places of the world. Furthermore, English is also a second language in different places such as, India or Kenya. Knowing the language is very beneficial as it is spoken in many places of the world, and it would…

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