Essay about English 1102 With Professor Hawk

735 Words Apr 27th, 2016 3 Pages
English 1102 with professor Hawk has opened my eyes as a writer on a lot of levels. I have grown as a writer in many aspects but, there are a couple things I would love to improve on as a continuing writer. For example my writing techniques, my choice of words and the style of my paper. Notably this class has shown me my true potential as a writer. Giving me constructive criticism and helping me improve not only as a writer of course but, also on an individual level.
This English class was very nerve wrecking at the beginning of the semester in January. Coming from a smaller college with A’s and B’s on my papers in my English 1101 class to transferring to UWG with a bigger school setting and making C’s and even D’s on my paper. In the beginning of the semester when essay 1 was due and I got my grade I was very discouraged. I had written the same way I had written all my other previous papers before I transferred and made great grades on them. I started to rethink on dropping the class and being reassigned to another teacher. Instead, I became determined to pass this class with professor hawk. One way I got my motivation back were the peer reviews we did as a class. The peer reviews allowed my fellow classmates to give me back constructive criticism on my essay. It allowed me to look at my strengths and weaknesses through someone else’s eyes. While they were helpful a lot there is a way they could’ve been more constructive for us. Doing peer reviews in a group instead of two…

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