Eng 225 Week 5 Film Critique Final Paper New

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ENG 225 Week 5 Film Critique Final Paper NEW

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Focus of the Final Film Critique
Throughout this course, you have been compiling a blog and writing essays that analyze various elements of film such as theme, cinematic techniques, and genre. It is now time to combine those elements into a comprehensive analysis of one movie.
You will be completing this assignment in two stages: for the first stage (1500 to 1800 words), you will analyze an entire movie; in the second stage (300 to 600 words), you will reflect on how you analyzed the movie as well as how your ability to analyze film in general has evolved.
You are
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Cite your sources according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Your analysis must address these four components:
Contextual Information – In this area, you will provide some of the basic identifying information of the film.
This includes: Title Director, cinematographer, major actors/actresses. Be sure to describe their roles in the overall design process.
Year of release Type of film (blockbuster, indie, documentary, etc.) Genre Story/Plot – In this area, you should offer a brief summary of the film, and then show how it was deployed in the narrative structure of the film. Explain the difference between the film’s story and its plot. This area can be addressed as a separate paragraph, or can be threaded throughout your analysis of the film.
Aesthetic Choices – In this area, you will assess the efficacy of specific techniques and design elements employed in the film as they apply to the overarching narrative and theme of the film. These elements include:
Mise en scène (lighting, sound, composition of frame, costuming)
Editing (cuts and transitions, shots used, angles)
Technology (Analyze the impact of any notable technological effects: film stock, targeted release venue, special effects, etc.)
Social/Personal Impact – In this area, you will critically address the following questions:
What impact did this film have on society (politically or culturally, positive or

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