Essay on Eng 157 Week 1

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Multicultural Literature
Monica Ramirez
ENG 157
September 30, 2013
Anne Graue

Multicultural Literature
Multicultural interactions are very common in my work environment. I work for the hospitality industry and I interact with people from different parts of the world every day. Prior to explain my experiences with different cultures it is important to define culture so it will be easier to address the subject. Culture is what identifies a person through his or her art expressions, behavior and other special characteristics. It includes the person’s language, cuisine, and other social interactions (Heine, 2008). In this essay, I will describe my personal experiences with different cultures and the impact these experiences have made
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I have met people from other cultures like people from France, Ireland, Russia, and China but the culture that I found more interesting were the Jews because they are very strict with their beliefs and they tend to raise their kids as close to religion as they are. I was raised in Puerto Rico, my dad is from Puerto Rico and my mom is from Dominican Republic, they have both very similar cultures. They don’t visit the church but they sent me and my sister to the Catholic Church every Sunday with our neighbors because they thought that religion was a good thing to keep kids entertained and out of social problems and it worked out brilliantly. My sister and I have never been in problems or involved with drugs and alcohol even if we do not visit church any more due to our crazy schedules with kids, work, and studies. Here lies the difference I found with their culture and ours, If we analyze the way they believe in their religion and raise their children in the same religion we can see that they are devoted to that believe entirely, our economy has moved us to think only in making money and paying bills and religion has been moved to a third or fourth place if it’s still even in our life.
I believe that interpersonal relationships with people from different cultures are what maintains the diversity and makes the world more interesting. I believe that we must use these experiences to adjust what is good from their cultures to ours to help us maintain good

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