Energy Of Renewable Energy Sources Essay

713 Words Aug 7th, 2016 3 Pages
The increasing demand for electricity has led, in recent years, the investment of time and resources for research and development of renewable energy sources, mainly on the part of more developed countries. As demand for electricity is increasing, due to technological developments and population growth, conventional fossil fuels gradually depleted and environmental problems such as air pollution, global warming and unhealthy living conditions in major urban centers continue to swell

It is now accepted that in order to meet modern energy needs should be a diversity in energy production. The power modes should be directed to environmentally friendly technologies and ensuring low production costs. For the above reasons, renewable energy sources (RES) should have a significant share in this versatile production system. Unlike conventional sources, such as coal (eg lignite) and oil, RES considered practically inexhaustible and their use does not burden the environment. Wind power, solar energy, small hydro, fuel cells, energy of sea waves, geothermal energy and biomass energy are the main sources of sustainable energy. Renewables are domestic natural resources which contribute to energy empowerment, and ensuring the national energy supply countries, which have no direct access to conventional fuels. They also help to geographically dispersed production, reducing losses from the transfer of energy, and are not affected by fluctuations in the international economy and the price…

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