Energy Is An Energy Source Essay

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There are many ways the world creates energy for all the things it needs such as heating and lighting for homes, as well as power for telecommunication devices such as cell phones. The main source we use to create energy is fossil fuels. One of the main fossil fuels we use is coal. Coal is basically ancient plant matter that derives from trees that once existed millions of years ago. The second main fossil fuel is oil and gas which are made up of plankton. The way these sources are able to be used as energy, is through the millions of years it takes for the remains of the plant matter and the plankton to become carbon rich. These sources of fuel are not renewable so they will run out eventually. Alternative energy is an energy source where the energy is gathered threw renewable sources such as from the sun with the use of solar panels and from the wind with the use of windmills. Due to the fact that these resources are all renewable, the fuel source will never run out. With the use of alternative energy, Global warming will decrease, human and environmental health will increase and the ability to ensure energy in the future will be secure.
With the use of alternative energy, global warming will decrease drastically. There are countless amounts of evidence that proves that the use of fossil fuels does indeed, increase global warming. There are a few positive things that come with the use of fossil fuels such as the energy gained from them to power our cities, homes and…

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