Endangered Wildlife Essay

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Natural and Unnatural Causes of Wildlife Endangerment and Extinction

Animal extinction is a huge epidemic that is happening faster than we ever expected. Endangered species are dying off left and right due to natural and unnatural causes. Things like poaching and global warming are constantly effecting our environment and changing the way species are living every day. All humans have a responsibility to take care of our environment, which, in turn, will help protect our species and others as well. The protection of Earth is vital to our survival as a whole and united population. If we don’t do all that we can to protect ourselves and other beings, we will all eventually become endangered and soon after be extinct. I want to know what causes
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“Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural ‘background’ rate of about one to five species per year.” (5). We see on different television networks how the food chain works and what animals are being affected. As humans, we are often the blame for animal extinction but we don’t always realize that we aren’t the only cause of this. It is well known that animals in Africa hunt each other to survive, but, if animals keep hunting the same species, they are bound to become extinct at some …show more content…
This organization is a great thing for species who are at risk or who are already endangered because they do so much to try and protect these species from going extinct. PETA shows its advocacy through publicly educating citizens, research, animal rescue, and legislation of animal rights, protest campaigns, and cruelty investigations. (6) PETA is a strong activist for animals and it shows through their hard work that they constantly give through their many special events that they hold all over the

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