End of Life Choices Essay

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End of Life Choices

Over the course of the semester, we have covered many interesting topics in this class. However, the one that I continually struggled to form a solid opinion on, and sincerely had to ponder what my decisions would be in the given situations, was the topic of end of life choices. My own personal thoughts and beliefs would conflict with my religious following, and my mind would continually change on such topics as whether or not physician assisted suicide should be legal, or whether or not I would want to keep living in a persistent vegetative state in the hope of a miracle recovery. I still struggle forming an unyielding position, but the information we have learned in this class has helped me learn more on these
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However, in watching the videos and hearing the stories, my own personal feelings of whether or not I would want to go on living in those situations seem to be in favor of physician assisted suicide. Just to see some of those people and their family struggle so much makes me think that at times it is almost unethical to make them have to go through that all. I believe that as long as it is monitored and a complete and thorough process is taken, as in the state of Oregon and the country of Netherlands, then it should be the final decision of the family and patient that is granted. Their autonomy should come before the duty of the doctor in these situations. I also struggled with coming up with a decision on my own advanced directives. Personally, I never really thought that I would want to live the rest of my life with the help of machines, or live in a vegetative state and be a burden to my family. Again, however, my religious beliefs come into play. There is always that slight chance that people will come out of their comas or make a recovery from their vegetative state. Is this an act of God? I don't really know, but I would like to believe so. But should this slight chance and belief in God's healing power govern my decision on whether or not to be placed on a machine that helps me breath and a tube that feeds me? In the end, I think I would base my decision on what is best for myself and my family, and this helps me to decide

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