Employees Gambling Habits On Work Hours Essay

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“CASE 12: RUNNING THE NUMBERS AT THE STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT” details the negative effects a number of employees gambling habits on work hours had on a company (Brett, Aguirre, & Kickham K, 2011, p. 35). The escalated gambling habits during work hours, decrease in productivity and effectivity rates, and lack of addressment by the leader is also depicted. The leader in this case appeared to be very passive and absent until the end of the case study or when the situation have become almost out of control. This leader also did not appear to be concerned with the presence or behavior of his employees, by his complete dismissal of the notification of their actions. His balance between daily commitments and responsibilities were not clearly stated, so it can only be assumed that they were not being affected, regardless of his employee’s behavior. To make decisions on how to resolve the situation and maintain balance in all other areas of my life I would first thoroughly assess my work and personal schedules. I would do this to ensure that my resolution strategies would not interfere with any other scheduled responsibilities. After I addressed my own schedules I would look into the notice of the situation from the concerned employee. I would not only consult with him, I would also have individual meetings with the main employees who began the gambling acts, while comparing their productivity and effectivity rates. Afterwards, I would assess all departments and employees…

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