Emperor Ashoka Of The Mauryan Empire Essay

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Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire ruled like no other. Ashoka Maurya built the largest empire in Indian history, paved the road for Buddhism’s entrance as a major world religion, and strengthened the Silk Roads for trade.[1] Many people believe that he ruled tyrannically, like a despot who enjoyed bloodshed and war, such as those accounts translated by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya. Even though Ashoka admitted to his poor leadership skills in the beginning, he went through a spiritual revival that led him to become a great leader in history. Afterwards, Ashoka promoted Buddhism, gave up war and violence, and made laws to endorse peace and justice in his kingdom, and beyond.[2] Ashoka the Great inspired the Mauryan Empire to its zenith through his leadership, compassion, dedication, and integrity, as well as his visionary optimism for equality and goodwill throughout his realm.
Ashoka 's original methods of ruling his empire followed the mannerisms of his ancestors, especially emulating his grandfather 's ways: efficient but cruel. Prior to Ashoka’s rule, the Mauryan Empire consisted of Pakistan and India, minus the east coast and southernmost tip. Ashoka maintained a militaristic approach, used fear, and harshly enforced sadistic laws in order to expand his empire. His cruel and callous ways of ruling earned him the nicknames, “Ashoka the Terrible” and “Ashoka the Fierce.”[3] Both of these nicknames exhibited Ashoka’s passions for war and power.
Emperor Ashoka demonstrated his…

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