Essay about Empathy As An Important Aspect Of Being A Human

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Empathy is the ability to understand another person. It is the ability to place oneself in another person’s position and share their feelings and emotions. Besides our intellect and emotions, empathy is what makes humans, humans. Compared to other living beings, humans have the ability to love, care, cherish, hate, forgive, feel pain, become jealous, have perseverance, and be conscious of other beings and their emotions. Empathy is emphasized significantly throughout this book and it is considered only a human trait that can’t be discovered in lifeless or man-made beings such as androids.
The book portrays empathy as an important aspect of being a human. Directly or indirectly, it shows that only humans have the ability to understand and share emotions of other humans or even animals. A great example of human empathy portrayed in the book is when Isidore is willing to risk his life to help Pris, Roy, and Irmgard even after he discovers they are androids. He can place himself in their position, and feel the same as androids when treated differently by humans. He values their prevalence over their differences. When Roy Baty suggests how he used the wrong word “human”, Isidore replies back saying “but what does it matter to me? I mean, I’m special; they don’t treat me very well either, like for instance I can’t emigrate” and “ you can’t come here; I can’t…” (page 163). He relates to these androids, he isn’t allowed to travel to mars and androids aren’t allowed to come to the…

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