Emotional Abuse And Mental Abuse Essay

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Emotional abuse leaves no physical marks but it can cause depression later in life. Many individuals may not know that abuse is any type of behavior that is use to have control over another person by that person being in fear, humiliated, and verbally assaulted. According to Court (2007), emotional abuse “psychological abuse” is defined as systematic, patterned and chronic abuse that is used by a person to lower another person’s sense of self, self-worth and power. Emotional abuse is a type of abuse that is similar to brain washing someone because it wears away at the person self- confidence, sense in worth, and self-concept. Psychological abuse is a neglect that involves ignoring or withdrawing from a person emotion. People who experience emotional abuse may question why this is occurring in their life.

There are different types of emotional abuse; the first type of abuse is called rejecting. Rejecting is when a person shows a dismissive attitude toward another person which lets him or her know in some way that they are unwanted. Putting down a person’s self-worth is this type of emotional abuse. Many people experience rejection as a child or as an adult by getting called harsh names, getting humiliated in public or in private, or being emotionally abandoned. An good example of being rejected is when a child is in elementary school and its physical education time and her fellow classmates starts calling her harsh names and would not let her play with them because she…

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