Emotion and Aunt Frieda Essay

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Vincent Davino
Dr. Fraustino
ENLT 121
“Analysis of Undressing Aunt Frieda” “Undressing Aunt Frieda,” is a poem about the narrator’s remembrance of his Aunts life while visiting her on a death bed. The narrative is in first person, and takes place as the narrator and his daughter are about to leave the relative. The first half of the poem explores Frieda and her past. The second half is about how the narrator and daughter have grown and learned from the aunt. While undressing her aunt, the narrator feels emotions and remembers his past with Frieda. The poem describes these emotions and memories in a metaphor explaining unique characteristics of how Aunt Frieda undressed, and how she impacted the relatives. The poem
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The loss of the ability to undress herself has left Frieda lifeless, and even the sight on her niece is not joyous, “as if she wished herself already dead,/ doesn’t coo or even smile” (25-26). The end of the poem explains how Frieda has given the speaker the tools to overcome tough obstacles in life. The poem unveils the personal flaws of Frieda. The speaker remembers the attitude that a hard life created. Even though Frieda was pessimistic and skeptical from her hardships, it was her motherly touch when undressing that sent a positive message. “But understanding her now,/ I remember the lightness of her hands/ and their strength that lifted me “ (30-31). The gentle care that Aunt Frieda showed the speaker has now been passed down to the next generation. The man speaking comes to an understanding by feeling his own emotions for his child. The theme that Richard Michelson is presenting is how we learn from family, and how certain characteristics repeat. This poem uses the act of undressing, to illustrate how in this family a strong paternal figure is important. The different steps in taking off clothes remind the speaker of the aunt and how she cared for him. “Undressing Aunt Frieda” is a poem that describes a personal image of a relative that impacted his life and lives of future

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