Miss Maudie Analysis Essay

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Miss Maudie: A Comprehensive Analysis
“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty-they merely move it from their faces into their hearts” (Martin Buxbaum). This quote can be related to the character Miss Maudie Atkinson from To Kill a Mockingbird. In this book Miss Maudie’s younger life is not discussed in detail. Harper Lee has created Miss Maudie in such a way that it could be assumed that Miss Maudie was a very beautiful young lady, given her sweet disposition. That beauty in her character then transferred to her heart. Miss Maudie’s way of expressing this beauty is through her garden. Her tenderness is conveyed through her constant tending to the garden, and her pleasant character is shown by her willingness to talk
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This is talking about the Lane Cake recipe. Scout is the only other person that has seen Miss Maudie’s elusive and delicious recipe. This shows the genuine relationship that the two neighbours have. Similarly, “Jem and [Scout] had always enjoyed the free run of Miss Maudie’s yard if [they] kept out of her azaleas” (Lee 42). This conveys to the readers that Miss Maudie is lenient with the children. This shows that she cares about the kids enough to let them run in her yard, with no ulterior motive other than the desire to see them have fun. The impression that Miss Maudie is a close friend comes from Scout herself. Scout is not overly fond of many adults because she knows that they treat her with less respect than she deserves. Scout prefers to go and sit on Miss Maudie’s porch and talk with her, because Miss Maudie treats her with the same respect she would an adult. One time when Scout was bored, she took her gun and aimed it at “Miss Maudie’s rear end” (Lee 91). Miss Maudie was not pleased to find this out at first, though later that same day Miss Maudie is upbeat and talking with the children, acting as if the gun incident never happen. This shows that Miss Maudie’s heart is warm and full of love. She still cares about the children and is willing to forgive …show more content…
She knows that both Scout and Jem feel bad about what happened and think that she is really sad about it. However Miss Maudie is not sad about what happen she just feels bad for people like Mr. Avery who pushed themselves too far and will be in bed for a little while. So as soon as “[Miss Maudie] can get [her] hands clean and when Stephanie Crawford’s not looking, [she’ll] make [Mr. Avery] a Lane cake” to make up for what happened and to help Mr. Avery feel better (Lee 73). Miss Maudie shows her kindness to others through her baking and through her words. This helps others to really appreciate he and what she

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