Emma Watson Gender Equality Analysis

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Gender equality and Feminism are a ideal that in all aspects of gender, and sexes, are equal in every form. Whether is for money, politics, or in society. Sadly in the world, the idea of equality is an overall not a fully excepted ideal. Where it is a very known problem in the world, not very much is being done to fulfill the equality of both genders. On September 20th 2014, Emma Watson delivered a speech at the United Nations about launching a campaign called “He for She”. To call upon people that gender equality is an issue on both sides of the spectrum and to ask for men to take on both gender equality and feminism.
Emma Watson uses past experiences to show examples of the inequality set in our society. Such as young female friends that
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Feminism and gender equality both mean the same thing, but why does she use both and not just one. feminism is a word that is not very commonly used due to the idea of association with people who are man-hating, and not too great to be around with. Which is not, by the way. Both terms are very similar in meaning, the deferences are the wording in both meanings. As she gives her speech, she calls herself a feminist, but while she talks to her audience and listeners, she uses gender equality. It could be that she knows that people don 't want to be called a feminist or accept feminism, but people wouldn 't mind using the word gender equality. Due to its safety as a word and not its association. Using feminism for herself is personal preference, not forcing it upon people. She calls some people an ‘inadvertent feminist’ as a suggestion rather than a only option. Not forcing people to accept ideals is great method for people to accept something more deeply and it also can give more options for …show more content…
And what is she doing up on the stage at the United Nations?” That comment is great to see in the speech. Most times when celebrities are on the news media they’re on there for cringing reasons from their stupidity or need for attention. Such as an announced drug abuse or thrown into jail for assault. She wisely uses her well known fame to address an important issue that most wouldn’t listen to if it were any other person. Mainstream is very important to when addressing a issue or stating an opinion. It is a very great way to get something out there, sure you could stand outside yelling at people, they’ll just ignore you but put it onto their screens you could have their full attention. Luckily Emma Watson uses the fame and attention to bring fourth a topic that could be solved if people would just look into on a boring Monday or in the evening of their down

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