Essay on Emerging Challenges in Airport Management

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Project Assignment – Air Transport Management (ATM -1) (Submitted by: Mohd. Khalid Khan)

Title: “ Emerging Challenges in Airport Management – Way Forward “

Introduction: The last few years has seen an exponential growth in the aviation industry. Aviation infrastructure has expanded to include hundreds of airports and airlines around the world. New airports have mushroomed in places which were hardly known to the world, existing airports have upgraded their facilities, new terminals have come up and multiple airlines have been setup.
The volume of people who choose aviation as a transport has considerably grown. The aviation industry is in full bloom and so are the problems
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f) Developing a higher sense of belonging for your users and passengers.

3) Opportunities to cut costs:

The smaller an organisation, the more susceptible to price change it is. Although this may not be the case at all times. Post 9/11 major airlines went bankrupt and many are still recuperating from the effects. Mostly all airlines operate on a shoe-string budget. With high aviation turbine fuel costs, taxes and the stiff competition, management of cost and running a profitable business is an emerging new challenge for airlines as well as airports today. Effective airport management with cooperation from the airline and the government authorities is a necessity and the following points help it achieve successfully: a) Staffing levels should be ‘right-sized’. Employing the right number of employees who are able to multitask and are flexible. They should be deployed in an efficient fashion without compromising safety. b) Airports, particularly small in size, require the active support of their local community. c) Airports should work more closely with air carriers. It has been seen that when a carrier tries to better match aircraft size with passenger demand, the airport does not loose fees. Suggestions like – landing fees to be charged per person instead on the size of the aircraft help. d) Recover operating costs from non-aviation sources is an important step. Land at the airport should be effectively and

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