Emergency Room Within The Hospital Or Medical Center Essay

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Emergency rooms are often the first experience one has concerning a mental health issue. Consequently, the emergency room within the hospital or medical center, is the site most people will find themselves when they are unsure of what is happening to him or herself or a loved one. According to a recent article in the mental health section of Fox news entitled, Emergency Rooms Slow To Treat, Transfer Psychiatric Patients, (2016), emergency rooms (ER’s) have become the dumping grounds for those exhibiting symptoms of mental illness. In this short paper, it will be made apparent that most emergency departments in hospitals within and outside the United States, are not sufficiently equipped to deal with those who have mental disorders (Fox News, 2016). Moreover, this leaves the patients which are in crisis or in need of immediate help untreated, waiting excessively long hours to be seen and sometimes sent out to other hospitals, without receiving any type of adequate evaluation, according to this article (2016). This will be shown as an issue of ethics, legality and responsibility.

Of all the visits to hospital emergency rooms, the total of those who need mental evaluation and/or treatment is approximately one-eighth of the total treated as stated by the Fox News article, “Emergency Rooms Slow To Treat, Transfer Psychiatric Patients,” (2016). These patients, according to the article (2016), were also much slower to be seen and often transferred to another facility due…

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