Emergency Response Pl Emergency Preparedness Plan Essay

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Module 2 - SLP
The emergency response plan will cover three types of emergencies in Atlanta, Georgia community as discussed earlier. The emergencies include winter storms, tornadoes, and floods. The hazard and vulnerability analysis will focus attention on these hazards, which are highly likely to have a great impact on Atlanta, Georgia community and its facilities. Four categories will be used to place each disaster into perspective. The categories include probability, response, property impact, and human impact. For this paper, vulnerability is defined as lives, wealth, and structures that might be possibly exposed to an environmental disaster.
Tornadoes Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis- Atlanta, Georgia
The largest tornado that has ever occurred in Atlanta community was an F4, which caused 46 injuries and zero deaths (FEMA, 2015). The particular time of tornado occurrence is unknown, but, many occur during the time of early spring and middle summer i.e. February-June (King County Emergency Management, 2015). The frequency of tornado at the beginning is rapid. Usually, the advent of the initial signs of a tornado is a descending funnel cloud.
The best existing information to ascertain its future probability is to evaluate historic frequency. A total of 1438 tornado incidents has happened from 1952-2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. This equates to roughly 24 incidents annually concerning historic average. In total, the events have caused 153 fatalities, 2,940 injuries, and…

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