Essay about Emergency Management

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The roles of information systems in emergency response system and how the individual would use it.

In emergency response management the basic network involves receiving information and then the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the disaster area. This is should include a first wave of core emergency services, such as firefighters, police and ambulance crews, but the size of the emergency determines the amount of resources allocated to any disaster. In receiving information there needs to be a way to provide and obtain accurate and timely information about the event and keep communication open and flowing with all the responders. It should have a way for key people to communicate and keep everyone
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To have an infrastructure in place that allows the public to upload pictures and images that contain textual data about the situation that the public is experiencing. From that there should be so way in which the images would go through a processor to allow everyone that plays a role in the response to know what is relevant and the degree to which it is of severity. Through pictures and images it will often times convey some details of information that someone could not get through written information.[Wu] Most pictures offer the stark truth of the situation at hand which makes it have a better accountability than someone not present would have relaying that same information. The best advantage of pictures instead of textual documents is that there is no language barrier. Showing the picture to the general public that is affect would allow them to point or show you the location one would be looking for instead of waiting for a translator or working with some rudimentary form of sign language. With the mass amounts of people with cell phones it would be easy for people to collect pictures and upload them to a particular site if there was a disaster. The one main issue would be the activation of such site and informing the general public on how to use it.
There would be two different types of users for the digital uploads. One would be the experts in emergency

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