Emergency Management Policy Of Manitoba And Canada Essay

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Emergency management policy of Manitoba and Canada
Emergency management policy can be defined as the course of action taken by the government to avoid risk (Haddow, D.G et al.2008). Manitoba experienced 119 hazards in last 100 years (1904 to 2014) where flood, drought, storm and wildfire occurred more frequently which had high economic losses but very few fatalities (Jones, R. L. 1992). The emergency management policy of Manitoba has been developed through a long period of time and changed with time and with the Canadian federal policy (Starting from civil defence to risk based comprehensive emergency). It has got todays shape by layering of previous policies on top of another to increase the scope and complexity of emergency management.
The first emergency legislation, Manitoba Emergency Measures Act was enacted in 1987 and amended in 1997. There is a Memorandum of understanding between EPC and the provincial government. Under the Emergency Measures Act Manitoba provides financial assistance through DFAA policy. A Manitoba Inter-Agency steering committee on Emergency Social services (ESS) was established in 1990. Its role was to promote cooperation and communication between social service organizations like, the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Manitoba Hotel Association, MEMO, Human resources development Canada, EPC and Manitoba Association of Fire Fighters (MANFF). The Manitoba government assigns local government the task of creating emergency preparedness and response…

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