Embryonic Stem Cells And Adult Stem Cell Research Essay

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Despite the incredible diversity of cells that exist on our planet, they all have a common origin. Whether a red blood cell, muscle, or brain cell, all begin as a stem cell. These stem cells have become both a source of great potential for medical advancement as well as a hotbed of controversy. (Health, Stem Cell Basics, 2016)
There are two different types of stem cells, embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Although embryonic stem cells are the ones most commonly heard about, both have possible uses in medical research. Research into stem cells began with mice in the early 1980’s and branched out to include research involving in vitro fertilization. (Health, 2016) Stem cell research has continued to grow, to include the use of stem cells in combating various diseases. At the same time, however, controversy has arisen. As most research utilizes embryonic stem cells, some believe the science effectively becomes a right-to-life issue. (Genetic Science, 2014) Much of the controversy surrounding stem cell research comes from the manner in which cells are harvested. To correctly study the cell, you must remove the inner mass of the embryo cell, therefore destroying it. By some peoples’ standards, this is tantamount to killing a child. (Genetic Science, 2014) The political pressure created by these groups have limited the scope of stem cell research. Despite these limitations, however, scientists found a way to make adult stem cells mimic embryonic stem cells in 2006.…

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