Elizabeth As An Ideal Woman Analysis

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Up until this point, we have examined the qualities that constitute Elizabeth as the novel’s ideal woman. But what about Jane? As the oldest and most beautiful Bennet daughter, shouldn’t she be the novel’s ideal woman instead? Certainly, Jane is known for her sweet temper; she resembles an angel who would never do wrong or think ill of anyone. In considering this description, it is no wonder that one might regard Jane as the novel’s representation of an ideal woman. She appears to be perfect in every way, while Elizabeth’s imperfections are unmistakeable. However, this next section will assert that Jane’s apparent perfection is unrealistic and that her character is imbalanced in comparison to Elizabeth who, as we have come to see, embodies an appropriate mixture of both head and heart.
Although Jane appears to be
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On first thought, Elizabeth’s sister Jane may appear to be a more fitting representation; however, her perfection is unrealistic, and she lacks the balance of head and heart achieved by Elizabeth. In truth, Elizabeth stands out to a greater extent because of characters such as Jane who provide this contrast. In addition, Elizabeth’s seeming inferiority helps her to exemplify the qualities of an ideal woman, that of intelligence balanced with devotion to feelings. Certainly, if Elizabeth had exhibited the same personality but had been gorgeous, exceedingly accomplished, and from a rich family, the argument would not have been nearly as effective. Ultimately, Austen makes the point that the value of a woman lies in her ability to exercise her mind and follow her heart rather than focus on propriety and appearance. One thing is for sure, as enjoyable as the romantic aspect of the novel is, Pride and Prejudice contains so much more for the reader to discover than just a love

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