Elizabeth And Hazel : Two Women Of Little Rock Essay

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In a world that keeps moving the way it is history will only repeat itself. In David Margolick amazing novel, Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock he recounts the events of what happened on September 4, 1957. What happened fifty-eight years ago between Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan is still going on today with police brutality, protest, and discrimination. We can only improve race relations if we as people realize we all have the same equal opportunities.
Fifty-eight years ago on September 4, 1957 Elizabeth Eckford attended Little Rock High School in Arkansas. Before this day only whites were allowed to attend Little Rock High School. When she arrived that day she was greeted by an angry white mob. In the crowd included Hazel Bryan that uttered racial slurs at her. On that day the National Guard was mainly supposed to be there just in case the crowd got out of control, but when the crowd began to get rowdy the National Guard did nothing to stop them. Margolick writes “To her, it was a sign that everything was all right. But as she herself approached, three Guardsmen, two with rifles, held their arms, directing her to her left, to the far side of the park, toward all the onlookers” (34). Basically Elizabeth thought everything was going to be okay, since the National Guard was there. When she got to school, she realized everything was not how she thought it would be. A soldier says, ““No niggers in the building” That soldier, a Central graduate himself” (Margolick…

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