Eligilbility Worker Sample Test Essay

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DIRECTIONS:Read each question carefully. Select the best answer and darken the proper space on the answer sheet.
1. Through advertising, manufacturers exercise a high degree of control over consumers’desires.
However, the manufacturer assumes enormous risks in attempting to predict what consumers will want and in producing goods in quantity and distributing them in advance of final selection by the consumers. The paragraph best supports the statement that manufacturers
1. distribute goods directly to the consumers
2. can eliminate the riskof overproduction by advertising
3. can predict with great accuracy the success of any
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2. (1) Humans migrate to various climates and make adjustments to the food supply in each climate; obviously the means by which they supply their needs are varied. 3. (2) The paragraph presents the problems of fire in fire-resistant buildings. It suggests that the contents of the buildings may burn even though the structural materials themselves do not, and the ensuing fire may even cause the collapse of the buildings. The paragraph does not compare the problem of fire in fire- resistant buildings with that of fire in ordinary buildings.
4. (3) The search for truth has speeded the progress of civilization. Choice B is incorrect in its statement that “civilization did not begin until . . . .”
Civilization moved ahead slowly even before restrictions on learning were removed. 5. (2) Stridentmeans grating or harsh-sounding.
The sergeant barked out the orders in strident tones.
6. (3) To confineis to limit or to restrict.
If the child’s illness is contagious, we must confine him to his home.
7. (4) To accentuateis to stress, emphasize, or intensify.
Life is more pleasant when those we deal with accentuate the positive.
8. (4) Banalmeans insipid or commonplace.
His commentary was so banal that I had to stifle many yawns.9. (1) Vigilantmeans alert or watchful.
A worker must remain vigilant to avoid accidents on the job.
10. (1) Incidentalmeans happening in connection with something

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