Electronic Waste Essay

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Don’t Be Haste to E-Waste
Electronic-waste (e-waste) has emerged as a critical global environmental health issue in both developed and developing nations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to e-waste as "electronic products that are discarded by consumers." More specifically, e-waste is a generic term that encompasses various forms of electrical and electronic equipment that may be old, might have reached end-of-life and most importantly cease to be of any value to their present owners. These electronics include computers, printers, television sets, mobile phones, video game consoles, and VCR and DVD players, among other products. As the demand for newer, more effective and efficient technology increases, the life span of
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The environmental consequence is dire in these regions if the activities remain unchecked and out of control. Further the recycling processes of dismantling, burning, heating, and so forth expose workers and residents to dangerous mixtures of metals and pollutants. Ultimately, irreparable damage is done not only to the environment but also to innocent civilians during these processes when compared to the short-term monetary gains.
The matters are worsened by the fact that public at large remains unaware of the toxic footprints they generate. Annie Leonard describes in her movie, The Story of Stuff, that products in our consumer culture are “designed for the dump.” That is, whether it’s through advertisements or celebrity endorsements, one is not “trendy” or up-to-date without the latest and the greatest gadget. People abandon their perfectly functional electronic products and purchase a newer upgrade, which may only have one or two innovations with impunity and without hesitation. For example, it has only been one year since Apple has come out with its newest generation of its iPad (it was available for purchase on March 11, 2011); however, Apple within one year has come out with its third generation of its product: the iPad 3. Personally, I myself have been guilty of such a mindset, which is why I find this particular issue to be so significant in our society today. Engraved in our minds is the model of consumer

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