Electronic Medical Records Essay

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Electronic Medical Records and Safety Paper

Healthcare can be known for a complex industry. Every day is a new day facing complicated clinical administrative transactions with electronic medical records and safety? Health Information technology is suppose to realize errors using electronic medical records. Leaders must understand the complexity and safety issues in order to help mandate electronic medical records with design, development, implement and use. In the last decade, this article has informed executives, clinicians, and technology. Their main focus was on these three areas computerized physicians order entry. Their main focus was to work all three areas computer physician order entry, computer decision support system,
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Health care is the most complex system with complicated transactions that could result in behavioral changes. One way is patients and clinicians should demonstrate how challenging it is to help maintain patient information. Clinical information systems by difficulties in demonstrating they are also challenged in maintain patient health information. Another land mark article described anecdotal evidence that while electronic medical records and associated clinical information systems can reduce errors, they can also cause errors. (Bates et al. 2001) Computerized physician order entry has reduced errors in patient care by trying to eliminating illegible orders and transcriptions errors. Researchers also found that computerized physician order entry can increase the coordination load among clinician resulting in new opportunities for new sources of error. (Cheng et al.2003) A nurse may be unaware of new patient order by soling imputing the information into the computerized physicians order. Clinical decision support system is to alert the difference between paper based and electronic documentation. This is to remind clinicians to do their daily work. I agree with all these facts are needed in order to keep up the medical records safe. You have to be careful what you enter in an electronic recorder otherwise a patient can get the wrong

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