Electronic Medical Records Essay

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Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Technology
Gina Martin
INF103: Introduction to Computer Literacy
Dr. Alex Lazo
May 6, 2013

Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Technology

Healthcare in America has been an extremely political and controversial subject these past few years. The subject became a political discussion when President Barack Obama proposed a totally new form of healthcare called, “Obamacare”. This new healthcare plan would be affordable to everyone in the United States. This plan would offer a high quality of care regardless of your financial status or situation. This healthcare plan would cover everyone, from part-time as well as full-time employees, and even some per diem
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Some medical facilities are apprehensive to convert to EMR’s, since the initial expenses fall on the facilities or medical providers. Evidence is mounting that the medical facilities using EMR’s will ultimately save money as well as gain new technology using this system of sharing, storing, and retrieving medical records. By the year 2016, there will be double the amount of jobs in the field of health information technology and electronic medical records. More vocational schools and colleges are now teaching health information technology and electronic medical records in allied health courses. Some question, what is health information technology, and how it is related to healthcare and medical records? Health information is the study and formulating of a system of files or records containing a patient’s medical records. An electronic medical record (EMR) is a computerized medical record, created in an organization, or a health care provider such as a physician’s office, hospital, surgical center, medical clinic, or laboratory facility delivering health care. An EMR is part of an organized computer system that allows the entering, storage, and retrieval of medical records. Ultimately it is the goal of the medical society that by way of internet based systems; these EMR’s

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