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Electronic medical records In today’s society, time is limited balancing professional and personal lives. People expect the quickest method of communication so they can get back to living their lives, without interruptions. E-mail, the Internet, and cellular phones make communication faster for people to get the information they need. Communication is crucial between consumers and medical providers. Electronic medical records are a mode of communication between consumers and providers. Electronic medical records patient records including medical history, treatments, allergies, lab work, surgeries, and physician’s notes relating to the patient stored electronically on a computer.
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How electronic medical records differs Electronic medical records differ from other mode of communication because of the laws protecting the records. There is a measure of safety and security to keep electronic medical records safe. Before the information age, medical records were stored in a filing cabinet on paper charts. In the event of a theft, or a fire, the records were lost forever. Electronic medical can be saved off sight to protect the records (Gellman, 2003).
Media and social networking changing health care Social networking has made an appearance in health care. More people are turning to the internet to find answers about medical questions. People of all ages have questions, and they want a place to feel a part of something bigger. Organizations such as the Center for Disease Control, and Prevention (CDC) and the American Cancer Society have been experimenting with virtual worlds to determine if social networking can help spread information about important health issues such as cancer screening, nutrition, and even disease prevention (Landro, 2006). These organizations want to use social networking for the promotion of health.

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Health care marketing
Under the HIPAA law, there is some data in electronic medical records that can be used for marketing purposes. Some hospitals are

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