Electronic Healthcare And Electronic Health Records Essay

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The conversion from paper documentation to computerized documentation has been challenging and advancing rapidly in healthcare. In addition, the quality and efficiency of healthcare have enhanced with technology and electronic medical record has improved delivery of health care. However, electronic health record users have experienced safety concerns from the design and usability of electronic health records. These concerns are linked to the functions and the features that are not optimally modified for the workflow of practice. Also, there are significant issues relating to interoperability of systems and exchange of communications between organizations without compromising the security of electronic health records (Hofert, 2013). The government has established regulations and requirements for the users of electronic health records in order to protect the privacy and safety of the healthcare consumers. Furthermore, organizations and practitioners have spent considerable amount of money to secure the privacy and safety of electronic health records in order to meet the requirements of the government regulations and to protect their patients’ electronic health records.
Described how meaningful use is being met by your current organization (or an organization you worked for in the past 5 years)
Meaningful use is the least government regulations and standards required in order to use electronic health records to exchange patient clinical data amongst healthcare providers,…

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