Electronic Cigarettes And Its Effects On Public Health Essay

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Since its release into the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as 'e-cigs ', have achieved widespread visibility and growing popularity. Much attention has been shed on the tremendous growth due to the increasing numbers of tobacco smokers switching to the device. E-cigarettes look and feel similar to ordinary cigarettes, but do not contain tobacco or undergo combustion to produce usable forms of nicotine. As the product’s popularity rises, so do the unknowns about its potential impact on public health (Ayers, Ribisl, & Brownstein, 2011). Whether these devices are a safe replacement for tobacco cigarettes have been an ongoing debate for the past several years. Public health officials have said the devices may encourage nonsmokers, particularly young people, to try smoking. E-cigarette advocates have argued that they provide a safer alternative for smokers. While scientific studies on e-cigarettes attempt to catch up with their popularity, it remains to be seen if the products will be a help to smoking cessation or a setback toward the goal of cutting out nicotine permanently. The possibility of e-cigs as an alternative nicotine source is inevitable given the scale of the U.S. tobacco epidemic.
E-cigarettes are battery-powered cartridges filled with a nicotine liquid that, when heated, creates an inhalable mist. Many e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which helps to reduce discomfort from tobacco cigarette abstinence (Ayers, Ribisl, & Brownstein,…

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