Essay on Election Day Into A National Holiday

1314 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Currently, there are may problems surrounding the United States’ Electoral System, one of which is the low percentage of voter turnout for elections, from local to even presidential elections. This has been a recurring complication effecting our democracy because even though our country provides those with a great opportunity to use their voice and vote, many still chose not to. Many political scientists, government officials, and regular-voting citizens are frustrated at the minimal turnouts by the people, sometimes nationally ranging as low as approximately 50 percent. That’s only half the eligible voter population deciding the near future of our country, which to me is maddening. One way many people perceive to increase this voter turnout dilemma would be to turn Election Day into a national holiday, giving people necessary time off so they’re able to go out and participate in our democracy. Currently this movement has a ton of support, and continually is gaining more and more. People like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, President Barack Obama, and other Progressives all find that making Election Day a national holiday or even combining with another holiday, such as Veteran’s Day would be strongly beneficial. If combined with Veteran’s Day, Election Day wouldn’t be a fall consistently on Tuesdays, which might feel odd to those who love tradition. The only reason it was on a Tuesday every year dates all the way back to the 1850s, because farmers needed a full day to…

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