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Elastography is a medical imaging modality that maps the elastic properties of soft tissue. The focus is whether the tissue is hard or soft and will give diagnostic information about the presence or status of a disease. It is concerned with providing images that are related to the stiffness of the tissue. This paper will discuss about elastography and the different types as well as, the principles and components involved with elastography.
Peter R. Hoskins a Caucasian, male from United Kingdom (UK) who studied Physics at Oxford University from 1977 to1980. Began working as a trainee medical physicist in Lincolnshire (UK) for four years. In 1984 he joined the medical physics department in Edinburgh (UK). Today Hoskins is a Professor of medical physics and biomechanics at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and an adjunct Professor of medical imaging at the University of Limerick (UK). Hoskins the author of “Principles of Ultrasound Elastography” wrote this document in February 2012, in United Kingdom. He intended the audience for this article to consist of students and physicians; he also wanted the public to attain knowledge of this as well. He assumed the audience shared the same physics understanding of elastography and believed they had previous knowledge of elastography techniques.
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There are two different types of elastography strain-elastography and shear wave elastography. Strain-elastography evaluates the tissue after being subjected to a force; and shear wave elastography evaluates the production and detection of shear waves. Stain elastography cannot provide an image of elastic modulus and has limitations due to depth. Shear wave elastography can provide an image and improve image quality as well as reduction of image variability. In the end, shear wave elastography is suited better for the clinical settings but still needs further

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