El Dorado Airport Research Paper

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The El Dorado airport is the biggest airport in Colombia, and is certainly the biggest in Bogota. Its full name is the international airport El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento, and it is in the western part of Bogota and around 15km from the centre of the city. It is in the municipality of the Bogoata river and Funza.

The Bogata airport sees over 30 million passengers per year with the domestic terminal one being the busiest terminal by far. The airport also moves over 700,000 metric tons of cargo every year. El Dorado airport is served by 24 airlines at the moment, there are 44 migration and immigration counters, 37 regular restrooms and 28 family restrooms. There is plenty of parking, including disabled parking, motorcycle parking and
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There are two food courts, there are three international resting areas and one domestic resting area. El Dorado airport has two children’s areas for international passengers and two for domestic passengers. There are 120 chairs in the waiting rooms, there is a post office, and a tourist information stand. If you are looking for a bank, there is a branch of Bancolombia and a branch of Banco Popular. There are also ATM machines Internet airport too.

If you do not book a taxi in advance, then you are going to have a long wait on your hands because there is only one taxi dispatcher. You will see a fair number of taxis if you outside the airport, but they will not allow you to hop in and take a ride. Instead, you have to stand in a line and be assigned towards a taxi. It is far better, cheaper, and easier to book a taxi long in advance with us at Taxileader.net.

With our service, you do not have to trust a laminated guide. Many of the taxis serving the airport do not use a unit-based meter. Instead, the meter shows a number at the end of the trip, and that number corresponds to a laminated sheet that should be located somewhere in the back. Your job is to identify the number on the meter against the number on the sheet and then pay the amount shown on the sheet. Asking the taxi driver which fee should be paid is often a silly

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