A Study In Pink Analysis

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Can all information be uncovered by the science of deduction? Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective who works to prove that it can. Sherlock has the extraordinary ability to reveal characteristics of strangers, simply by observing what most people fail to notice. His skills are expressed in literature, A Study in Scarlet, and motion picture, “A Study in Pink”. Both of these storylines follow Holmes and his assistant as they expose the clues behind a suspicious murder. The passage and show share similar characters, events, and relationships, but also include many differences. The contrasting ways in which each story is presented help Sherlock to appeal to a wider audience. A Study in Scarlet and “A Study in Pink” both take place in London, England. This physical setting is the same in each study. Holmes also uses tobacco products in both forms of storytelling but the time difference between the two pieces change the way that it is experienced. A Study in Scarlet occurs in the late 1800s; Sherlock uses a pipe. In “A Study in Pink” the show is modernized and he uses nicotine patches for his addiction. Another example of this concept is the meaning of a “cab”. In the passage, transportation is a horse-drawn carriage. In the show, a “cab” is a taxi that we use today. The two …show more content…
Rache translates to mean revenge; this gives clues to help both Sherlock and the detectives move further along in the case. Rache is written near the body in each story. Even though the word’s meaning helps each case, the context used is different. In the passage rache is used to voice the murder’s motive for the killing: revenge. Blood spells out the word in the corner of the room. In the TV show the word is short for “Rachel”. Rachel is later found out to be the deceased daughter of the victim as well as the password used to track the phone. The detectives find the letters scratched into the

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